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    Information Systems: R&D for Syngenta

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    1. Provide two examples of business known to you in the primary sector.
    2. Explain what is meant by a 'virtuous circle'.
    3.Explain what is meant by R&D. What are the outcomes arising from effective R&D?
    4. Describe and then evaluate the advantages provided by R&D for Syngenta. How does this affect its position within the marketplace?

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    1. Primary sector businesses are those that use natural resources. This is in contrast with secondary sector where goods are manufactured and processed and tertiary sector where services are produced. In developing countries primary sector is very important for the development of economy and less important in industrial economies. In developed nations primary industry is more sophisticated and technologically advanced. As a result they use lesser workforce for same activities and use more of the workforce for secondary and tertiary sectors.
    Examples of businesses in the primary sector are fishing and mining.

    2. Virtuous circle or vicious cycle is a complex chain of events which keep on occurring again and again in the form of a feedback loop. In virtuous circle in the short term there is no state of equilibrium. The system of events has a positive feedback loop where every iteration of the cycle triggers the previous ...

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