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Data Administration Function

Imagine that you have visited a local company with a data
administration function. You talked to the data administrator. What is
the name of the company? What were your findings to the following
? What kind of data does the company control or not control?
? What types of data problems is the company trying to solve?
? What progress is the company having in bringing data under
This should only require one or two pages (double-spaced) to convey.


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All organization operates on input that is processed into some from of output that is used as a means to generate revenue. For service organization, the input is a request that is considered and measured against service offerings, and the output is a service that is performed for the customer. For product-based organizations, the input consists of materials that are transformed into a product that is sold in a particular market. The function of this high- level business process has a core component, without none of these step in getting from input to output would be possible: the component is data. The flow of this data closely follows the business process, so it should be of no surprise that data goes through the same transformation: Input, processing, output.

I have taken the organization TT Ltd. This organization is known as TT Ltd. (tttextiles.com) where the latest tools of information technology like ERP has been implemented. Thus they are controlling the data of whole organization through ERP software.

The company is trying to solve following:

Integration of data
Company-wide Integrated Information System covering all functional areas like Manufacturing, Selling and distribution, Payables, Receivables, Inventory, Accounts, Human resources, Purchases etc.,

Impovement of customer service
ERP performs core corporate activities and increases customer service and thereby augmenting the Corporate Image.

Progress through ERP:
ERP systems have been implemented taking care of all the requirements such as:
?Communications - among the people in the office, with the sales force, and with the vendors
? Improving ...

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