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    Understanding business data requirements during analysis phase of a software development process.

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    Identify the type of input data used for a business related function. Give a detailed description of the function and how the system operates, what system, network, or personnel that is the source of the data information, and what kind and type of data is inputted. Also tell the category of business the functionality comes from - finance, accounting, supply chain management, manufacturing, administration, HR, etc.

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    To properly address this problem requires that you format your response correctly. The response should be outlined in terms of the question elements being asked for, then answer each element in detail. Your response should include an introduction which briefly explains the problem and how that problem is important to the topic being studied as well as any assumptions you will make. In the conclusion, you also need to summarize the details of your solution, any citations based on outside research such as websites or articles using APA, MLA, or other citation style to alleviate any plagiarism concerns. Always remember: when in doubt, quote or paraphrase and give credit! The body of the answer should be strictly devoted to the question elements; your outline should at a minimum have the following elements:

    I Introduction
    II Selection of Business Function
    III Data required by the business function
    IV Format for each data element
    V Data Origination (how will the data ...

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    The goal of this solution is to assist the student in understanding the data requirements needed when performing business systems analysis when a project is in the analysis phase of development for a project in SDLC. The purpose of this assignment is to get the student to start to realize the information and data needs of business functions and how that data currently exists in the workplace so that the student can adequately design and specify a system for development. Whether an IT solution is currently in place for the business function or whether the system is being designed for a non-automated business function, the analyst must properly notate the purpose of the business function, the information and data required for the business function and how that data can be specified on the computer, and how that information or idea is pulled in to the system from other sources in the business (how the data originates).