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    Development teams proceed through the requirements phase

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    In 2 to 3 paragraphs, address the following: 

    Describe how interface requirements development teams proceed through the requirements phase before proceeding to the logical and physical design phases. 

    Please use APA style to cite any references used in your research of these topics. 

    Describe the most innovative method by which you have gathered requirements. Explain the following: 

    Why do you believe it was appropriate for the situation? 
    Was it effective? Why or why not?

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    The primary aim of the interface requirements development team is to gather the front-end needs of an application from the users. The front-end requirements can be of web application such as websites; personal web pages, forums, blogs, social networking sites, business sites, etc. or it can be of desktop based applications such as various tools/utilities and software programs that run on operating system i.e. Windows, Linux, Macintosh, etc.

    The requirements analysis phase typically begins with the completion of the previous objective phase. The documents that are related to the user requirements from the concept development phase and the planning phase should be used as a basis for carrying out further investigation of user needs and the development of detailed requirements such as, software requirement specification (SRS) and software design specification (SDS). This includes planning and designing workflow of the systems, creating mockups, functional prototypes and/or working demos. ...

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    Software requirements specification document and the software design specification document are an essential stages in requirements engineering process. The solution addresses these and other stages in requirements engineering process with respect to the role of the development team. The answer is roughly 500 words.