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    Compare and contrast SDLC, XP and Agile methodology

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    Compare and contrast the following approaches used by programming teams:

    ? System development life cycle (SDLC)
    ? Extreme programming (XP)
    ? Agile methodology

    Discuss the following points in your paper:

    ? Which methodology or methodologies do you feel are best suited to the practice of programming teams? Why?
    ? Discuss differences for global, virtual, and co-located programming teams.

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    SDLC or the System Development Life Cycle refers to a group of methodologies used to create or alter an information system. The Software Development Process refers to the process of planning and controlling the development of an information system. There are a number of methodologies which can be used to accomplish the Software Development Process, which include the SDLC, Extreme Programming and Agile.
    The purpose of any Software Development Process is to produce a high quality application that meets or exceeds the customer's needs and complete the project within scope, within budget and on time. Scope, Budget and Time are referred to as a the triple constraint, because if any of these factors change, the other 2 must be adjusted accordingly to complete the project successfully.
    The System Development Life Cycle is the basis for a number of methodologies. All of the SDLC methodologies have the same steps in common:
    1) Analysis
    2) Design
    3) Implementation
    4) Testing
    5) Evaluation
    These steps can proceed in a circular manner, returning back to Analysis again when the old system has become obsolete or is in need of change or update.
    The most famous SDLC methodology is the Waterfall Methodology. The Waterfall Methodology has the following steps:
    1) Requirements
    2) Design
    3) Implementation
    4) Verification
    5) Maintenance
    This methodology is referred to as Waterfall, because each step must be completed before moving to the next. In truth, very few project managers and organizations actually use the Waterfall Methodology in its complete form. The Waterfall Methodology is very strict, requiring that each step be completed and documented before moving to the next step. The Waterfall Methodology is good for new Project Managers, because it ensures completion of each phase and encourages documentation. However, Waterfall does not adjust easily to changes. Change in software development is almost inevitable. As the project ...

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