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    SDLC Methodology and Purchasing Life Cycle

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    1. Describe the role of the vendor for each of the three phases of the purchasing life cycle.
    2. Why is an accurate and complete requirements definition especially critical when using the SDLC "waterfall" approach?
    3. Briefly describe the elements of a business case for a new information systems project under the SDLC methodology.

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    1. The three phases are definition phase, construction phase and implementation phase. The main role of the vendor during the definition phase is to gather complete requirements about the project from the project sponsor and customer and clarify all doubts and opinions and propose a clear solution to the customer based on their needs and requirements.

    The main role during the construction phase is to ensure that the system is being developed as per the requirements of the customers and the project is completed as per ...

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    The role of the vendor for each three phase of the purchasing life cycle are described. The elements of a business case are determined.