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    technology into an organization

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    Please help me with these questions and also provide references.

    How important is it to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a particular technology?

    How important is it to have an established process when implementing a new technology into an organization?

    Which phases are important in the SDLC process? (System development life cycle)

    What additional phases would you identify as important to the process?

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    The architecting process incorporates a technical process and an organizational process. The technical process includes steps and heuristics for creating a good architecture. However, a technically good architecture is not sufficient to ensure the successful use of the architecture, and the organizational process is oriented toward ensuring support for, and adoption of, the architecture.
    The Technical Process
    The focal deliverable of the architecting process is the architecture document (set), motivating and describing the ...

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    Integration of technology into an organization is emphasized.