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Organizational Culture

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1. What role does globalization play in organizational rituals and symbols? Do you believe that organizational culture can change--yet remain the same in principle?

2. What role does culture play in the organization?

3. What role does socialization play in the organization?

4. What role does technology play in the organization?

5. What role does technology, tradition, the environment play in the organization?

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1. What role does globalization play in organizational rituals and symbols? Do you believe that organizational culture can change--yet remain the same in principle?

An organization's culture is manifested in the behavior of the employees, their beliefs, values and expectations are common to each of them. A company's culture is shaped by its unique history and growth. There have been studies linking an organization's strong culture to its dominance in the marketplace. The culture affects the way the company does its business and the way it is being viewed by the public. Managers and supervisors are expected to show examples to instill the values and norms of the organization into its employees so that they know how they should act and react, what are expected of them, and to familiarize themselves with the culture that the organization wants to develop through concrete examples from management. The best leaders can create a working atmosphere that is rewarding and motivating for the employees and customers.
The culture of a nation is comprised of the symbols, rituals, traditions and values of the people in that country. The language that people speak, their food and their family customs and traditions are based on their national culture. Their behavior in public and at home is related to the values and standards for which their nation upholds. The cultures of different countries differ in the different kinds of relationships (e.g., between the individual and society, relationships to authority, etc.). These descriptions of a national culture can be compared to an organization's culture.
Globalization is the term used to mean the extensive developments, improvements and advancements in terms of technology and communications which eventually results in an evolving worldwide cultural homogeneity. With the rapid increase of globalization, it has been observed that organizational culture has been treated as more important than national culture. Globalization has also affected national culture and this can be proven by the impact of the foreign talents into an organization coming from other countries. These employees coming from a different culture will be exposed to the culture of the foreign country and will eventually be influenced by them. ...

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