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The Evolution of Management

"The Evolution of Management"

Please respond to the following:

- Analyze the principles behind the new "learning organization." At what point has an organization transformed into a learning organization? Explain your rationale.
- In the modern workplace, technology can be as important as personnel. Do you believe it is necessary to balance personnel management and technology management?
- What are the risks, if any, if managers do not balance the two?

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Step 1
The principles behind the new learning organization are that learning continuously transforms its members so that they remain competitive in the business environment. 'Systems thinking' is relevant to learning organizations and the principle of personal mastery motivates employees to learn and change continuously. Another principle of a learning organization is that of shared vision. This principle gives direction to the individuals and the team. Since the 'learning' takes place in an organization, team learning is considered important. Finally, mental models are used in the learning organization. An important principle behind learning organizations is that employees feel more ...

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