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    Evolution and Revolution

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    I am trying to write about the dynamic nature of the internal, business environment, and how it continues to influence the development of organizations and their growth. I am using Larry Greiner's article Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow� as a model of multiple phases of organizational growth.
    I need to explain the internal forces driving the need for organizational design/management changes, the strength of these forces, and their probable evolutionary or revolutionary impact using articles or Greiner article references.

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    The following are the five key forces that drive the need for organizational development.
    1. Age of the Organization. The life span of an organization is a significant dimension for development. When all the studies and historical data taken from various periods in the life of an organization are compared, it is evident that organization practices keeps on changing and there are no practices that are maintained for a long time span. This poses basic management concerns while basic principles are rooted in time.

    An example of this is decentralization which can be meaningful to describe the organization's practices during one period but it loses meaning in another point of time. Time also contributes to the institutionalization of the attitudes of managers which causes employee behavior to become more predictable and difficult to change when the attitudes of managers reflect traditional ways.

    The early stage of an organization's growth is dominated by founders who focus on making and selling a new product. Their orientation is more on technical or entrepreneurial and not much on management. As they do their work, evolution emerges. As an organization grows, it is inevitable that management problems occur which can lead to crisis and revolution. These concerns cannot be ...

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