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How Modern Tools Help IS Overcome Disadvantages

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Discuss how some modern tools such as CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering), techniques such as JAD (Joint Application Development), and new methodologies (such as extreme programming) help IS organizations overcome the disadvantages of the traditional SDLC methodology. If you have had experiences with any of these, please share.

Please include references.

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Software Development Lifecycle is followed by different website and software developers around the world. SDLC can help them address the specific needs of users. However due to time constraints, developers come together to create the workflow instead of going through user requirements. In this way they can create a good workflow and choose a preferred language. Another reason on why SDLC is not followed by developers is that it can lead to deviation from the real purpose of creating the software. The traditional software development approaches are considered cumbersome and bureaucratic and hence not liked by many.

CASE is a tool that assists in all phases of the SDLC. It provides modeling and development tools that provide certain design methodologies for users to follow. For example, Oracle Designer suite is a CASE tool that allows users to follow the SDLC methodology along with ...

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The solution discusses how modern technology tools help IS overcome disadvantages of traditional SDLC methodology.

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