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    ESL Students Disadvantages and Ways to Overcome Them

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    Why are ESL students at a disadvantage in our current education system and how would you improve it. Please provide references to support your statements. Thank you.

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    There are some distinct reasons as to why ESL students are at a disadvantage in the current education system. The first is in the challenging narrative of many ESL students. Students who have arrived in the United States experience a variety of challenges that non- ESL students do not experience. For example, many left known homes and settings with friends and emotional connections. Their bonds with their previous country might have run deep. However, their experience in the United States might be quite different. They might be experiencing confusion, resentment at the move, and cultural displacement. From something familiar, they have entered a world decidedly unfamiliar. Learning English might be the last concept on their mind. In response to the frustration they experience, ESL students might lash out at their English language instruction, resenting it. Accordingly, school administrators and teachers who do not take the time to know these students and understand their narratives are putting these children at a further ...

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    ESL Students feature a host of challenges in the modern educational system, some of which can be overcome through understanding and advocacy.