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Instructional Objects and ESL/ELL instruction

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This posting defines the concept of instructional (or learning) objects and explains how the application of reusability could affect the design of ESL idiom learning module.

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1. Define the concept of instructional (or learning) objects and explain how the application of reusability could affect the design of ESL idiom learning module.

As you investigate learning objects, please note that they hold great potential for the future of instructional design. Similarly, they also possess strong potential for reusability and adaptability.
Although many definitions exist, please highlight that learning objects are elements of a new type of computer-based instruction. Their basis is founded upon object-oriented theories. The idea behind them is that designers can build smaller instructional components that can be reused in different learning contexts. In other words, please note that they are digital entities that are delivered via the Internet, so numerous users or students can access and use them simultaneously.

These features include the application of reusability and strongly affect the design of ESL idiom learning modules. For example, the notion of small, reusable chunks of instructional media offers ESL idiom modules many instructional benefits. For example, teacher planning is easier and less time consuming. Instruction also increases in terms of speed and efficiency. The interactive nature of the ESL learning environments is also enhanced through reusability.
ESL Idiom modules also benefit from the use of digital images or photos, live data feeds, and other technological enhancements. ESL modules also benefit in terms of reusability in reference to live or prerecorded videos or audio clips, animations, and other features to motivate and differentiate ESL idiom instruction.

ESL idiom modules can also be enhanced by the ability to be tailored to the needs of the ESL users. Modules can also be improved by the ability to scale the modules. In ...

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