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Structuring Learning Using the ADDIE Model

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This solution aids in creating part of the design phase associated with the ADDIE model.

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1-2. Design organizational strategy characteristics and design delivery strategy characteristics:

Using the objectives and standards selected from the last posting, describe the traits associated with the goals. I would implement lots of graphics, sound effects, use of real players, engaged learning strategies, and other methodologies to ensure visual, auditory, and tactile learning.

Pacing is often problematic for ELL or ESL students. Thus, try to ensure that your lesson allows students to control and self pace by use of the mouse to navigate their stories or online learning. Here is a sample that I use with my ESL students from pbs.org. All of their online stories are terrific. After reading, kids are presented with games or questions to augment their comprehension of the story or vocabulary. All learning is holistic.


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ADDIE Model parts are explained.