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Key deliverables of a project - SDLC Phases and Outputs

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Review the SDLC and describe the key deliverables from each phase that you will require from your project teams. The deliverables include the documentation. Provide examples of how you will use these deliverables or why you will require them. How will you determine if the deliverable is complete or not?

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SDLC Phases and Outputs
PHASE: Requirements analysis
OUTPUT: Software Requirements; Specification (SRS); Use Cases

PHASE: Design
OUTPUT: Design Document; Design ...

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This is Step 3,of Systems Design of the SDLC. The product produced by this step is a set of specifications for the hardware, software, people, network, data resources and the information products that will satisfy the functional requirements of the proposed system within a business functional area (e.g. in this case, inventory tracking, and/or manufacturing, etc.) How do I address specifications for input, processing, output, storage and control.
How do I determine which hard/software I am suppose to use?

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