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    Project management- SDLC, important phase

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    Predictive vs. Adaptive SDLC"

    Would you rather be part of a project that used predictive SDLC or adaptive SDLC? Explain

    Describe some pitfalls and some advantages of each approach

    Project Phases"

    Which project phase is most important? Explain why.
    Which project phase is more often overlooked? Explain why.
    Speculate on how you can ensure that every project phase is conducted properly.

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    I would like to be part of a project that used adaptive SDLC because this methodology allows project managers to remain flexible and adapt the project to changing customer needs or requirements. New changes in the project can be incorporated with ease. Customer involvement in such projects remain high throughout the project in this case and thus, the final deliverable can be matched as per customer needs in a more efficient manner.

    The main advantage of adaptive SDLC which ...

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    This solution of 319 words discusses differences between predictive and adaptive sdlc, most important phase of project management.