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Project life cyle

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Project life cycle consists of different phases. Identify the major IT project management tasks associated with the concept, development, implementation, and closeout phases of the project life cycle. For each of the identified tasks, list the necessary project management skills to accomplish those tasks.

Make sure that you briefly describe why each of the listed tasks is critical to the success of the project and how each of the listed skills helps the project manager.

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Various tasks at the different levels of the system development Life cycle

? Concept: This is the first phase of the system development life cycle. At this phase the task of the preliminary investigation begins. This phase includes of the Technical feasibility, Economic Feasibility, Operational Feasibility. The manner in which a system concept is developed will determine whether the appropriate information is gathered. Having the right information influences the quality of the applications that follows.

? Development of system: This phase deals with various concepts of the system development such as data structure, software architecture, and algorithms and flowcharts.

These development tools will have the critical objectives:
? Specify the logical Design Elements: Detailed design specification that description the features of the information system: Input, output, files and databases and procedures.
? Support the business Activities: Results of using the system help the business performance.
? Meets the user requirements: Meet the user Need in term of
o Performing the appropriate procedure correctly.
o Presenting the proper form of information
o Providing the accurate results
o Using the appropriate method of interactions
o Providing the overall reliability.
? Easy to use: Favorable human engineering.
? Provide the software specification: Specific components and functions with the adequate detail to construct application software.
? Conform to design standards: Design and specification of the design in accordance with the prescribed rules and practices of the organizations.
? Implementation and Evaluation: Implementation is the process of having the systems personnel and various tasks involved in ...

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Identify the major IT project management tasks associated with the concept, development, implementation, and closeout phases of the project life cycle.

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