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Feedback to Students

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Providing specific and immediate feedback to students is important. What are some ways students can receive feedback immediately? Describe ways students can provide feedback to each other

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Providing specific and immediate feedback to students is important. Students can receive feedback immediately through non-verbal, verbal, and written forms of communication.

Some examples of non-verbal feedback are high-fives or thumbs-up. Other examples of non-verbal feedback are smiling, pats on the back, and making eye contact. Verbal feedback should be specific to what the student has done well or needs to improve. For example in a writing lesson, teachers may conduct conferences with students that focus on specific feedback ...

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This 333 word solution discusses the importance of students receiving feedback on their work and classroom performance, and provides some example of verbal and non-verbal feedback. Additionally, the solution highlights some ways that a teacher can encourage improved classroom feedback, both between the teacher and the students and among the students.