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    Assessment: Why Tests and Feedback Help Students Learn

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    While some individuals may not be "good test takers", it is important to assess students, and provide them with quality feedback on their work. In fact, research indicates that while some tests and feedback are more effective than others in helping learners retain information, tests and feedback in and of themselves, will better ensure students learn information than not testing students and not providing feedback to students on assessments (Larsen, Butler, & Roediger, 2008; Roediger & Karpicke, 2006).

    What are your thoughts and experiences regarding such a research claim?

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    I have provided some important points about the importance of tests and the importance of feedback in helping students learn and grow.

    Tests are important for students to learn because they:

    - Allow students to apply learned concepts in different ways
    - Encourage students to memorize or continuously think about specific subject matter
    - Improves a student's memory and ability to retain information in one's memory
    - Encourages students to become more disciplined
    - Encourages students to take learning material more seriously

    Roediger also stated, "Information that is tested repeatedly is learned more fully, and remains encoded in memory for a longer period of time. Students with better memory retention will have more ready access to that ...

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