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    The Goal, by Eliyahu Goldratt

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    I'm researching Eliyahu Goldratt and I'm looking for how Goldratt's TOC procedures would fit with the JIT or a TQM (Total Quality Management) system? Tie it in with TQM.

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    Organization must focus on quality as an integrated concept. They must improve the quality of every aspect of management whether it is labour, material or machine. Following are the foundational elements or principles of TQM

    1. People: Involvement of all in achieving customer focus is a key tenet of TQM. This is achieved through Teamwork, Voluntary Activities, Consensus Building, Training, Multi-skilling, Instilling a Sense of Pride, Employee Empowerment and Leadership development. TQM creates a happy and comfortable environment where all employees are have job satisfaction and are able to make use of their capabilities and realise their potential.

    2. Continuous improvement: The PDCA cycle is an unending pursuit of excellence, which is firmly embedded in TQM. Various other methods such as 5s housekeeping, Pokayoke, Just in Time manufacturing (JIT), small group activities, statistical ...

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