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    The Critical Chain Eliyahu M Goldratt

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    In the novel "The Critical Chain" Where do you see Dr. Silver taking his new knowledge.

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    Critical Chain borrows both the novel format, and TOC. However, in this case, the theory is applied to a project management environment. The Dr. Silver who is teaching a project management course to part-timers from the business world. He is taking his new knowledge, desperately trying to secure tenure and keep up with his wife's expensive spending habits.
    The first part of the novel reviews the problems with project management, and the traditional approaches that have been employed to keep projects on time and on budget. Dr. Silver taking his new knowledge suggests that problems most frequently arise related to scheduling. Further, most budgetary problems on projects arise from schedule delays. Delays can result in significant expediting costs to get projects back on schedule. Time that can't be recovered may result in consequential damages (a big hole in the cost budget). Or, it may cost you major amounts in the form of delayed enjoyment of project benefits.
    The cause of this phenomenon is not, as one might think, overly optimistic time estimates for the various activities. On ...