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    Critical Paths of Projects

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    Discuss the critical path of a project.

    How do you determine the critical path of a project?

    Wouldn't the critical path be the shortest if there is only one path?

    Please include and references

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    A given project is going to consist of a number of activities that are required to complete the project. Each of these activities will have a duration and dependencies. The critical path will be the summation of the activities with the longest overall duration. This in turn determines the shortest time to complete the project. Any delay of the activities in the critical path will result in delay of the entire project.

    To determine the critical path, list the activities that are required to complete the project and determine the dependencies between the activities. Finally, estimate the duration necessary to ...

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    This solution explains what a critical path is, how to determine it for a specific project, and whether it would be the shortest path if it were the only path. Additionally, the solution includes three reference sources for further investigation of the topic.