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Programming: Gantt Chart

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Assume you have a project with seven activities Labeled A-G, as shown below. Derive the earliest completion time (or early finish time - EF), the latest completion time (or late finish - LF) and slack for each of the following tasks (begin at time =0).

Which tasks are on the critical path? Draw a Gantt Chart for these tasks.
Draw a Network Diagram for the tasks. Highlight the critical path.
Even guidance on drawing Gantt Chart and Network Diagram will do.

Task preceding Event Expected Duration
A - 5
B A 3
C A 4
D C 6
E B,C 4
F D 1
G D,E,F 5

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EF = Early Finish = The early finish of an activity in the schedule is the earliest that the activity can be scheduled to be completed given the logic and constraints of the schedule.

LF = Late Finish = The late finish of an activity is the latest that a project activity can be finished without having to reschedule the late finish of the project. The late finish of the project is the late finish of the last activity to be completed in the project.

The schedule that is made up of the early start and early finish of each activity in the schedule is called the early schedule. The schedule that is made up of the late start and late finish of each activity in the schedule is called the late schedule. "

To construct the network diagram look at the table given, and start drawing the net from the point of the predecessor. If the predecessor to C is A then draw a connection from the end of task A to the ...

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