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    Implementing JIT Principles

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    Describe a JIT principle used at a past or present workplace or one with which you are personally familiar. Focus on the key areas of JIT.
    1. Have the results been positive or negative?
    2. List the JIT principles that this company uses.
    3. If you were the owner of this company, what changes would you make to the way JIT has been implemented?
    o Discuss your over-all implementation philosophy
    o Discuss mistakes made in the current implementation
    o Discuss potential JIT principles that you would focus on
    Describe management quality initiatives such as TQM and Six Sigma.
    Evaluate the quality control tools used to analyze and improve processes.

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    //Implementation of JIT Principles can prove to be very beneficial for Toyota Motor Corporation. With the help of JIT principles, Toyota Motor Corporation can make healthy and positive relations with its vendors and suppliers. The following paper highlights the importance of implementing the JIT principles in the organization.//

    Results of Implementing JIT Principles

    In addition to this, it helps in making the better utilization of its human resources (Monden, 2011). With the help of JIT principles, Toyota Motor Corporation can utilize the skills and talents of the work force in the best possible manner. Also, with the help of total quality management, the organization can ensure the best quality products and services to its customers. Besides, it helps in eliminating the unnecessary wastage (Monden, 2011). Moreover, it helps in reducing the production cost of the organization.

    In addition to this, with the help of JIT, the organization can easily get the response of customers. With the help of JIT principles the organization can minimize its inventory cost. This ultimately minimizes the cost of warehouse, security guard, etc (Monden, 2011). Moreover, JIT helps in minimizing the number of defects in the products. This helps the organization in enhancing the satisfaction level of customers. Besides, it helps in improving the brand image of the organization.

    JIT Principles Used By Toyota Motor Corporation

    The principles of Just in time (JIT) help any organization in making the proper utilization of the organizational financial resources. There are several JIT principles used by Toyota Motor Corporation (Monden, 2011). Toyota Motor Corporation uses these principles to improve the overall efficiency of the organization. The principles of JIT mainly focus on the continuous improvement. Continuous improvement and innovation helps an organization in providing appropriate satisfaction to its customers. In addition to this, Toyota Motor Corporation focuses on the prevention rather than correction (Monden, ...

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    The response looks at the implementation of JIT principles and whether the results of that implementation are positive or negative. 1183 words with references.