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    Requirement for implementing just-in-time

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    Please help with the following problem.

    Summarize the requirements for implementing just in time and explain how and why you will or will not use it for your product. The product is a kids meal from Starbucks.

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    Just In Time (JIT)

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    Just In Time is a business strategy principle based on what is referred to as a demand-pull approach. A demand-pull approach basically simplifies production by creating a structure where only what is required is produced. In other terms, it is a lean strategy for businesses, and can help cut cost, reduce potential deterioration of inventory, waste, and excess inventory.

    There are a number of necessary ...

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    This solution helps summarize requirements for implementing just-in-time strategies in business and explains how and why you will it will not use it for your product. The product discussed is a kids meal from Starbucks. The explanation is given in 383 words.