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How to Make Diversity Trainings more Effective

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Discuss what characteristics make diversity training most effective along with at least three different approaches to diversity training. Include examples and your personal experience with diversity training programs. Do you feel they were effective or ineffective? Why? What would you change about them to improve their effectiveness?

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The purpose of diversity training is to increase individuals' awareness of other individuals that may hold point of views that are different from theirs and whose backgrounds are different from their own backgrounds. Three different approaches to diversity training are:

a. Auditory approach-Some individuals learn better by being given valuable information that they can later apply in their personal lives,
b. Visual approach-Trainers make a greater impact on visual learners who have a learning style of "must see to believe." For these individuals, the use of things such as charts and graphs would be very effective,
c. Verbal approach-Certain individuals love to learn via discussions and feedback from others. For those ...

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Discussion of what characteristics make diversity training most effective along with at least three different approaches to diversity training.

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However, any assistance/further knowledge would be appreciated.

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