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Understanding Diversity. Prepare an Outline and Structure

Deliver a speech to my peers at the training room titled: Understanding Diversity. Need help to organize my speech structure follow by the below method 1, 2, and 3 for 5 minutes speech sentences.

I'm going to talk about language, imagery of diversity, value, people are different, training, and Why should I understand Diversity......etc.

1. Speech Introduction
Each speech must contain the below:
Gain attention, Relate the Topic to the Audience, cite two sources (establish credibility) Preview the speech which is the thesis statement and the last sentence of the introduction.

2. Body
The second and third paragraph is the text. This first sentence is topic sentence. This sentence supports the thesis sentence in the introductory paragraph. The topic sentence must contain one idea; the topic sentence must be singular not plural, concrete, not abstract.

Each paragraph in the speech must contain a minimum of five and a maximum of seven sentences. Each sentence must support the topic sentence.

3. Conclusion
The conclusion is the last section of the speech. Summarize the entire speech. Other words, recap the main points.

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Understanding Diversity

Introduction :

Diversity is all about people and our working environment that enables us to reach our accomplishment. It involves the manner in which we think while translating the thoughts into an action carried out by a team or a group (Knippenberg, 2007). In addition, it involves the act of showing appreciation to the individuals who are different from us for instance; through race (Language of diversity, 2012). Diversity is an important aspect that should be understood by all individuals. This speech covers language, imagery of diversity, value, how people are different, training, and why diversity should be understood.

Understanding Diversity:

Language forms a means of communication between individuals available in a group where people have the capability of expressing ...

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