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    Diversity Action Plan - FedEx

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    Discuss different approaches to productivity, problem-solving and so forth including communication barriers and challenges that diversity will present to the organization.

    Brief description of the entire assignment:

    Due to future trends in population growth, it will be more important than ever for organizations to prepare for the challenges and opportunities presented by diversity. The Learning Team diversity action plan will consist of a 2,800- to 3,500-word report and 20-minute presentation. Online students develop a PowerPoint® presentation with notes designed to assist your organization or work group to prepare for these trends. The following are items that should be considered in the diversity action plan:

    o In addition to using 1 reference from course materials and at least two outside sources, the presentation and report should summarize trends in population growth and diversity.

    o Include a description of the selected organization or workgroup. Is it a transnational corporation? Does-or will-the workgroup have contact with international vendors? Without this information, it will be difficult to speculate how the trends identified previously will affect your organization. We have already addressed this, we just need to make it more formal and begin the report with this information.

    o In preparing the diversity action plan, address the following and write at least a 700 word report format on their section..

    - Cultural norms of new groups with whom the organization will come into contact

    - Opportunities- Discuss different approaches to productivity, problem-solving and so forth including communication barriers and challenges that diversity will present to the organization.

    - How will the organization prepare the workforce to maximize the benefits of diversity and minimize the challenges?

    - Use one reference from course materials and at least two outside sources that provide relevant information and/or data that justify the approach of your action plan.

    - Prepare an outline of the report component of the diversity action plan. This outline should include a summary of secondary sources that will be used in the final written report and presentation.

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    The FedEx View on Diversity

    FedEx is one of the biggest logistics & courier corporations in the world. Publicly traded in the NYSE, it is an American company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. Currently led by CEO Frederick W. Smith, it has annual revenue of $37.953 billion with only an operating cost of $2.075 billion. It has varied subsidiaries and related businesses under its control but primarily it is a courier business with over 280,000 employees worldwide. With the global nature of its business, Fed-Ex must embrace the diversity of its clients and its employees, with their employees reflecting this understanding right away. FedEx on Diversity:
    "We support diversity for the right reasons: Our customers, our employees and our community. Since the beginnings of FedEx, we've operated on the philosophy that people come first. We place a high priority on serving the needs of diverse communities; after all, we live in a country comprised of people from many different backgrounds and cultures."

    - 2009, FedEx Diversity Website

    To understand this further, a discussion of what diversity brings to issues of productivity, problem-solving & conflict resolution as well communication barriers will show how FedEx's embrace of diversity has led it to become one of the top ranked and multi-awarded companies in terms of diversity (CSR, 2009). When it comes to productivity, a workforce as diverse as FedEx is replete with possible barriers that can be brought about by cultural ...

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    The solution provides a concise and comprehensive study of the diversity action plan currently in practice by FedEx as part of it's core business principles and corporate culture as a global multinational logistics corporation. The company's view on diversity is explained and a sample of how this is practiced is presented as illustrated in sample simulations in some of it's international locations. References are provided for easy expansion following the APA-format. A word file is attached for easy printing.