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    consolidated table

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    The first step is the construction of a consolidated table summarizing all your objectives, measures, targets, and action initiatives. This will then enable you to draw the arrows that make up the causal chains implicit in your objectives.

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    //In this section, main discussion will be on balance scorecard of the FedEx. Main components of the balance card such as financial, customer, internal and learning in concern of objective, measure, target and action will be explained under this balance scorecard topic of the report.//


    To increase EPS ratio.

    To increase revenue of the company.

    Market value.

    Sales and Profit.
    20% per year.

    25% per year.
    By fastening delivery process.

    By providing quality services.

    The main objective is to retain the customer.

    To fulfill all the requirement of customers.

    Survey in the industry.

    Quality and best services.
    15% per year

    20% per annum.

    Initiate customer relationship program.

    Improving need identification process.

    To minimize the delivery time.

    To provide value added services.

    Measurement of the delivery time and on which place.

    On-time departure.
    20% reduction per year.

    30% per annum.
    Lean idea.

    Lead user services.

    To incorporate latest technology.

    To promote and encourage the climate of new ideas.
    Prevailing newer technologies in the market.


    10% increase

    20% increase

    Friendly user program, which fasten to the FedEx courier services.

    Promoting the ideas of each employee.

    //In the next of the paper, main emphasis will be on the strategic goals of the organization. Various strategic goals such as profit, revenue, market share, and environment will be discussed under this section. Furthermore, these objectives will lead to the ultimate strategic goals that ...

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