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    FedEx: Diversity Action Plan

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    A cultural plan we are building for Fed EX to use in the future.
    - What are the opportunities and different approaches we might identify to improve productivity, to improve problem solving, to grow the fed ex customer base or to just make Fed Ex a better place to work?
    - Likewise, what are the challenges we see Fed Ex will face, including communication barriers or other barriers that will be encountered in creating a diverse work group. Use your creativity a little. What will the cultural divides be in the future? What will be the issues to recruiting and retention of good employees? What will be the issues to sustaining satisfied customers? What will Fed Ex need to overcome to attract stock investors?

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    Cultural Plan: FedEx

    A Cultural Plan in relation to diversity reflects on several areas wherein the company is expected to do business. One is in how cultural considerations affect client relations, two is how these affect employee issues from hiring to management and third, how these affect issues like outsourcing and building relations with suppliers and other contractors that support the FedEx business. To understand this, we need to understand what cultural plan means and how FedEx has translated and ought to translate it in the manner by which the company does business. Culture is the traditions, belief systems, languages, practices; mores and way of life a group of people identify and share actively in, as part of their identity. It does not only mean social or ethnic culture - as long as man lives in groups and communities whatever the nature of that group (social, work, intimate and primary) - they share in a particular culture. Culture could be all encompassing to a bigger social grouping (i.e. American Culture) or intimate (i.e. family cultural practices). In the landscape in which FedEx operates, multiculturalism, assimilation and exchanges are a reality, wherein via globalization and continued trade and relations, culture is exchanged between peoples, nations and groups. FedEx itself is actually a social agency that makes ...

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    The solution provides a simulated diversity action plan for the logistics group FedEx (see original problem). The solutions provides options to boost productivity and social relations in the workplace and provides a picture of possible barriers and challenges towards the implementation of said action plan. The solution follows the APA-format. references are provided. A word version is attached for easy printing.