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Why to hire a woman in the business world

APA format research paper outline for "Why to Hire Woman in the Business World".
I have been asked to prepare a basic research paper outline c.a. 1 1/2 pages in order to provides me with an opportunity to organize thoughts into an outline. Prepare an outline for a research paper and include at least four major headings (or topic sentences).
Later, if I realize a different arrangement works better, I can feel free to organize my research paper in a different way. This assignment simply allows me to begin organizing my thoughts.

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Why Hire Women in the Business World?
Women Work More Efficiently
Women may work more efficiently, utilizing fewer physical resources than their male
counterparts. High tech companies operated by women earn 12 higher returns and use roughly 1/3 less
capital. (Upadhayaya & Helper, 2013). Women tend to think differently and focus on details. In an
organization competing for customers, those details may make the difference. The diversity among
women working on collaborative projects brings to light many different aspects of the problem to solve
or project to be developed. When details are discussed, it may be more likely the firm will identify a
key are in which it can gain a competitive edge. This may be a particular product feature or a way to
improve customer satisfaction.
Women Are More Responsible and Accountable
Women are often more responsible and accountable for their work ...

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