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Expatriate Manager

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1. Would you recommend hiring a local manager over an expatriate manager? Why? Does the phase of the project or business move matter as far as your decision? What considerations should be made for recruitment, selection, and compensation in a foreign market? How do those considerations differ from a local market?

2. What are some benefits of dealing with a national labor market? What are some risks? Should a business ever avoid dealing with a national labor market? What would be an example?

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1. Would you recommend hiring a local manager over an expatriate manager? Yes. Why?

A local manager is suggested as the local manager knows the local laws and is familiar with the culture. Cultural differences are vast when countries expand into a foreign country.

An example is Mexico. Less than 1% of all management positions are held by women. For a company to send a woman to Mexico to run its company could be detrimental to business as women are not considered authoritative figures. Labor laws in the US protect a women's right but those laws do not carry over into other countries.

Hiring a local manager is important, whether or not we agree with a culture, the culture is their culture and we ...

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The solution discusses the hiring of a local manager over an expatriate manager in detail.

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