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    Reducing Expatriate Failure

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    One of the reasons for expatriate failure is the inability of the expatriate to adjust to the socio-cultural environment of target country of deployment. As an International human resource manager, what other causes can you unearth? How can you address them in order to reduce the failure rate to the barest minimum?

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    One reason for expatriate failure is due to the inability of the spouse to adjust to the new country. This causes unhappiness, particularly as an unhappy spouse tends to negatively influence the expatriate. As a result, the expatriate may be less happy about his or her new assignment. To ...

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    This 206 word solution discusses some the key reasons for expatriate failure and ways that an HR manager can combat these issues. This solution focuses on the holistic understanding of the problems that expatriate employees, and their families, often face and provides a detailed strategy for effectively acclimatizing them to their new country.