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    Expatriate failure

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    Identify any five of the seven most common causes of expatriate failure.

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    // A common problem faced by many companies is the high rate of failure of the expatriates. They need to identify the causes in order to find a solution for them. We will discuss in this paper the meaning of the term, and the most common causes of the failure.//

    Expatriate Failure:

    In the multinational business corporations of the United States, the practice of expatriation is quite common. A high rate of expatriate failure is experienced by the business organizations. This is a critical issue caused when the employee and his family is not able to adopt in the culture and pattern of the country and the kind of situations faced may also impact the performance level of the expatriates at the workplace (Lee & Wen, ...

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    The response addresses expatriate failure posted in 458 words with references.