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Overseas Assignments: Avoiding Culture Shock.

Question: When preparing an employee for an overseas assignment, discuss the many aspects that go into cross cultural training to try and prevent the employee from experiencing a culture shock and assignment failure.

Noe, R. A., Hollenbeck, J. R., Gerhart, B., & Wright, P. M. (2011). Fundamentals of human resource management (4th ed.). Chicago, IL: McGraw-Hill.

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It is estimated that between 16 and 40 percent of all American employees sent abroad to developed countries will return early. Almost 70 percent of employees return early from developing countries (Caligiuri, 1997). The main reasons cited are the inability of the spouse to adjust, the inability of the employee to adjust, other family problems or the manager's personal or emotional maturity.

To this end, spouses must be included in the pre-assignment training. Spouses are likely to have different challenges than the employee, including dealing with ...

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This solution discusses aspects that go into cross cultural training to to prevent culture shock and assignment failure. APA formatted references included.