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    Culture Shock, Gender and Employment

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    1. Explain what is meant by culture shock. Analyze how culture impacts the identity of employees.

    2. Examined how your organization can train its employees to overcome the negative effects of culture shock.

    3. Analyze and justify whether women can work in the new environment.

    4. Examined the work ethic of the new region.

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    Culture shock defined:

    Certo (2000) defines culture as the total characteristics of a given group of people in the environment. Its components include: customs, beliefs, attitudes, habits, skills, state of technology, level of education, and religion.

    Culture shock is therefore what one feels either because of lack of knowledge or information about these components, or the hint that the culture in the new environment is very different from one a person is accustomed to. The shock may have been brought by lack of preparation or orientation made by the company.

    Culture shock may be a feeling of not being able to cope with the new environment - the people, their attitudes, perceptions, customs, traditions, and ways of life, priorities and others in relation to one's success in the organization. It can also be a result of meeting new and unexpected things; failing to meet what one would never have believed would be missing from any culture, differences in nonverbal communication, unwritten rules and impaired ability to function (http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?CultureShock). As such, the person may find the new environment irrational, offensive, and hostile.

    Impact of Culture on the identity of employees:
    As a result of the need to cope with the new environment and learn the new culture, people assigned in the host country may go to the extent of "surrendering their own identity and trying to imitate all the customs and attitudes of the alien culture." At the other end, having not recovered from the culture shock, the individual may go to the extent of " trying to solve the problem by withdrawing into himself, refusing to learn the native language, making no effort to find ...

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