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Minimizing Culture Shock

What strategies might a school district use to minimize culture shock that children encounter when they first begin school?

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Culture shock is the stress caused by emotions of excitement, interest, anxiety, frustration, irritation, aggression, confusion, depression, and other emotions that children experience when they are put in a place or situation that is different from where they have been coming from. The changes in the way people speak, the differences in the way people act , respond and do things are some of the things that are new to these children and it is stressful on their part when they have to be able to adjust to it during the first time.
The following can be imposed and implemented by the school district with the hope to minimize culture shock in young children who are starting to go to school:
1. Language difference is one of the causes of frustration in young children. They may not be able to understand the language that the others are speaking. Take as an example an Asian child who goes to a school in America. Let us consider that the child is a ...

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The solution discusses strategies that a school can use to minimize children's culture shock. References are included.