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    Immigrants and Problems with Integration into US society

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    I need assistance in answering these questions as they relate to immigration. Please provide an explanation in no less than a page and a half for each question.

    1. How would you characterize the contemporary "immigrant's" experience with the American occupational and educational system?
    2. What are the mental health issues relating to adaptation of immigrants in the United States?
    3. Describe the ways in which immigrants deal with the issue of social identity in the new society (the United States)

    Please explain these issues so I can better understand and create a compelling argument.

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    Immigrants have experienced many obstacles in obtaining employment in the United States. The general adjustment issues that affect immigrants and their ability to secure employment are as follows: (a) culture shock and related health concerns, (b) loss of status, (c) expectations, and (d) involved family dynamics (as described from a Western point of view; Halberstadt, 1991-1992, 1996; Lee & Westwood, 1996; Winkelman, 1994) quote.
    The main issues that affect immigrants adjusting to arriving in the United States are English language acquisition, cultural shock, loss of personal and occupational status, lack of and/or inaccurate knowledge of labor market conditions, lack of skills and/or knowledge of how to compete in a new environment, discrimination, health issues, family, social and relationship issues. Employers that work directly with immigrants need to learn more about the common issues and cultural backgrounds of immigrants to understand and meet their needs effectively in the workplace (Drachman & Halberstadt, 1992; Fouad, 1994)
    Immigrants experience cultural shock caused by contact with a new culture combined with feeling of confusion, feeling powerless, and the loss of familiar cultural cues and social norms (Oberg, 1954, 1960; Winkelman, 1994). This experience of culture shock interferes with immigrants to have the ability to gather information, solve problems, and decision making (Lundstedt, 1963; Taft, 1977; Westwood & Ishiyama, 1991) and these are abilities needed for immigrants to adapt to their new environment and build a life for themselves. The degree which one experiences culture shock depends on a variety of factors such previous familiarity with other cultures, preparation for cultural ...

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