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    Legal Issue Article Analysis:Immigration, Diversity, Welfare

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    Assistance is needed with a legal issue analysis of a newspaper or magazine article that discusses a legal aspect of a specific diversity issue (e.g., harassment, ADA, and so forth). In order to successfully complete this analysis, you must identify and read a newspaper or magazine article. Then, use that article as a tool to illustrate your analysis of the legal issue.

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    Dear Student,
    Hello. I have created solutions to this very problem before and one thing that we need to make sure in choosing a specific article are the following - it is recent, it is relevant, the issues that it presents are important social realities that, when taken up as a social issue in diversity, sheds light or creates a discourse to critique, confront and provide details as well as an understanding of the problem. Why is this so? Sociology is the science of social mechanisms, we seek to understand human behaviour in order for us to provide answers to specific problems and create appropriate solutions. I believe that the issue of illegal immigration in the US is relevant in terms of discourse and a real social problem that cannot be escaped in today's society. Illegal immigration means a lot of things on both sides - that of the American authorities and citizens and the illegal immigrants themselves. Aside from the obvious legal consideration of illegal immigration, the welfare and social care issues that are bound with this social phenomenon stretches American resources and puts the illegal immigrants at risk and at the same time creates a subculture within American society that either supports the illegal immigrants for the reason of humanity and welfare and a subculture that breeds hatred and racist tendencies due to the tax illegal immigration puts on the system - crime, stretching of military and police as well as welfare resources, etc. Therefore I have decided to share the solution below with you as I believe that it presents an issue in diversity that has legal and social-risk implications. Plus there is the diplomatic issue with the 'country of origin' of immigrants in terms of receiving the illegal émigré'. There are many other issues attached to illegal immigration as it has become more than just an issue of legality as hordes of families and individuals from the third world seek entry to the United States for the purpose of seeking greener pastures creating an entire network and sub-economy based on illegal immigration making illegal immigration one of the biggest social issues facing the US currently. Please take note of the references for the purpose of expansion. Thank you for using Brainmass and good luck with your studies.

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Legal Issues in Diversity

    The US is one of the most proficiently diverse countries in the world with a populace representing a huge percentage of all the world's ethnicities with some making up a huge chunk of the population and some remaining in the peripheries as minorities. The US that we know today started as a nation of European immigrants. They won territories and via Manifest destiny made into their own the geographic and political superpower that we know as the USA. Throughout its short history, identity and a sense of nationalism was shaped and people who have come to identify themselves as American embraced the democratic freedom and the responsibilities of citizenship that came with it. America being one of the world's biggest economies and it's prime mover in terms of industrial, political, social and economic dynamics, the US has become a hotpot of immigrants from the days when Ellis Island was the gateway to a new life to the current when, due to certain restrictions imposed via issues of security (valid, all of them), for many, the honey pot of a ...

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    The solution presents a legal issue analysis in relation to diversity based on an actual event reported on a newspaper article in Tennessee. The solution presents a summary of the article and proceeds to provide an analysis of the story/event in question (in this case, on illegal immigration, welfare and policing). A list of related articles to the story is also presented (as weblinks) to allow students to create an inter-textual picture of the story presented in the article. The solution follows the APA format, references (web and print) are provided. A word version is also attached for easy printing.