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Leveraging diversity for strategic human resource goals

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After reading the Buttner, Lowe, and Billings-Harris (2010) article on diversity and promise fulfillment by organizations, discuss your thoughts on how organizations, and your organization in particular, can use this information to better understand, manage, and leverage diversity to achieve strategic human resource goals. Your response to this should include at least two outside references and provide a solid overview of your understanding of the issue of diversity.

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I have outlined a response for you. You should add your own information, from texts, lectures, and other sources where necessary.

Diversity can come in many forms including ethnicity, gender, color, and age. Companies must address this issue to have successful employee interactions and increased productivity. This article highlights the issues of diversity and helping all people in the organization feel accepted and respected.

As a theory, social interaction is the most often cited as how to manage the field of diversity. In this article, social exchange theory is also noted. How the management approaches diversity through its structure and culture has much to do with how it is handled in the behaviors among workers. However, it is not just the actual behaviors or cultural expectations creating ...

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