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Workforce Diversity

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Human Resources as a Strategic Partner

Diversity represents an organization's fundamental (employee relations) attitude that it not only respects and values the individuality of its employees...but also understands how to tap the potentially significant contributions inherent in diversity... Strategically as human resource professionals take a leadership role... how do we maximize the benefits of a diverse workforce in a changing marketplace?

Answer should not be less than 200 words. Please provide any references used. Please do not merely copy and paste from websites but actually discuss.

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// For having better understanding of Human Resources as a Strategic Partner, it is very essential to look over the Workforce Diversity, as it represents an Organization's fundamental attitude. Keeping this in mind, I am providing an introduction to the concept of 'Workforce Diversity', as follows: //

Workforce Diversity


Workforce diversity has important implications for management practices. It is the extent of differences and similarities in characteristics such as age, gender, ethnic groups and physical abilities among the employees of the organization. The organization needs diversity to become more creative and open to changes (Prasad, 2008). To manage people in the organization with different perception and personality is a difficult and challenging task for the human resource management.

Benefits of Workforce Diversity ...

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