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Fostering Diversity with the Corporate Culture

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You are a manager at an organization that has decided it needs a more diverse workforce.

What steps or techniques will you use to accomplish this goal?

What steps will you take to retain diverse employees once you have successfully recruited them?

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Diversity within the workforce can improve customer satisfaction. Within the health care sector, it can improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes (Fragale, 2012). To begin diversifying the workforce, managers and leaders must embrace the differences among the current workforce. This can be done by identifying the strengths of each worker and utilizing those strengths to the advantage of the organization. Another way to improve diversity is to keep track of the ethnicity and gender among the existing workforce, and determining ...

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The discussion focuses on methods organizations use to improve diversity among the workforce and to retain a diverse workforce. Methods suggested should be adopted by human resource managers and recruiters, who should be held accountable in some measurable way, for increasing diversity among the workforce.

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