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    Diversity In Multinational Organizations

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    In order to build a strong multi-national organization, an internet-based organization that has locations in several countries would need to develop a common understanding of values, beliefs and culture.

    To help the organization, address the following:
    -How do you define diversity?
    -Discuss ways to develop a common definition of diversity within the organization.
    -Ways to develop a culture of performance that would support the achievement of organizational goals.

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    Diversity is a commitment to appreciate, recognize and respect the fact that each individual is unique and thus, one should understand, protect and support people from different religion, ethnicity, culture, national origin, ideologies and religious beliefs, etc.

    In order to develop a common definition of diversity within the organization, it is important to ensure that all organizational employees understand the importance and rationale of fostering diversity in the workplace. The organizational employees should understand the value of diversity in today's globalized working environment. The commitment to promote and ...

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    Discusses definition of diversity and ways to develop definition of diversity in the organization.