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Differences in Planning Change In An Organizational and Domestic Setting

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Discuss how planned change efforts might differ in domestic vs. international settings.

I would like to get some help with this one. I'm having a hard time understanding the "international settings" part. I am trying to understand the information in my book Organisational Development and Change.

Please help me understand. I would like to have an artificial or website so that I can gain a deeper understanding.

Cummings, T. G. & Worley, G. C. (2009), Organization development & change (9th ed.), Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.

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Dear Student,
An article by Susan E. Jackson and Aparna Joshi will provide some guidance that may supplement your textbook reading. In order to understand international settings, it may be appropriate for you to contrast it in relation to domestic setting. International settings are different in terms of the following:
•Laws in which the organization has to comply with;
•Interpersonal dynamics between different groups;
•View of diversity as generic instead of viewing it within context;
•Changing ...

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This solution addresses the difference between planning change within a domestic and international setting, providing relevant outside articles for deeper understanding.

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