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    Globalization, Roadblocks, Mission and Vision Statements: HR

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    What are some key HR concerns or issues in taking an organization global?
    What are some typical roadblocks to change initiatives? How may they be overcome?
    How may organizational structure influence an organization's mission and vision?

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    What are some key HR concerns or issues in taking an organization global?

    -- There are a few main issues central to HR and globalization. One of the main issues is that HR laws can vastly differ depending on the country. An act that is considered illegal in the United States, such as various forms of harassment, may not be considered illegal (or even unethical) in a foreign country. HR personnel need to be explicitly aware of the differences in HR laws.

    Another issue is that HR covers so many areas. This means that an HR manager or other designated person must be constantly aware of changes that affect the countries where the globalization has taken place. A company cannot locate operations in Country X and not be aware of changes that affect pay, worker status and other related issues. This is a time-consuming, costly HR monitoring process.

    Basically, the HR department needs to be able to see more, ...

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    This solution discusses the key issues in taking an organization to a global level. This solution also discusses typical roadblocks to change initiatives, and how an organization's structure affect its vision and mission statements.