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    Evaluating Vision and Mission Statements at Harley Davidson

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    Review the case study entitled "Evaluating Vision and Mission Statements at Harley Davidson." Alternatively, you may choose an organization of your choice; however, be sure to include a copy of the vision and mission statement in your submission. Address the questions posted.

    The Case studyin the attachment below

    All I need is 4 pages, (Word Document)
    Be sure to use academic references and cite to support your analysis. (APA references). ( use many cite as you can to support your analysis, minimum 4cites)

    Thats all Thanks.

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    The response addresses the query posted in 1175 words with APA references

    //The mission and vision statement are very important elements of an organization's overall strategy. In this context, in the following discussion, the mission and vision statement of Harley-Davidson have been evaluated.//
    Report of Evaluation of Mission and Vision Statement
    Harley-Davidson is engaged in the manufacturing of motorcycles since 1903 and markets its products all around the world (Yahoo Finance, 2016). The company manufactures motorcycles predominantly for the use in touring a long distance journey. In this report, the evaluation of mission and vision statement of the company has been dealt with.
    Evolution of the Mission Statement
    The mission statement is a statement formed by an organization to communicate the primary reasons for which the organization exists (Harrison & John, 2013). The mission statement is very crucial for an organization to be able to frame a direction in which the activities of the organization will be headed. The evaluation of the mission statement of Harley-Davidson has been made in the Table-1 given below:
    (See the table in attached file)
    The table given above shows that the mission statement of Harley-Davidson contain five out of total eight characteristics of an ideal mission statement. Three characteristics not contained in the mission statement are the use of technology, fundamental concern for survival, and managerial philosophy of the firm. These three characteristics are very crucial to make the mission statement ideal ...

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    The expert evaluates the vision and mission statements at Harley Davidson. The response addresses the query posted in 1175 words with APA references.