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Strategic Marketing - Graduate Level

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(1) Briefly describe Harley Davidson's traditional targeting and positioning strategy. Do NOT include definitions of target market, positioning or segmentation. Do NOT quote or paraphrase from the Harley Davidson website. H-D's history, founding date and mission are not relevant: just answer the questions here.

(2) How does Harley have to change its targeting and positioning strategies to reach women? Give some examples from the article and make at least 2 suggestions of your own. For instance, what TV shows and magazines might Harley choose for advertising? Why? What 'women's' magazines might be appropriate?

(3) If Harley aggressively targets women, should the company experience a backlash from 'males' and from its current buyers?

(4) A ballet company once teamed up with Harley for a promotion. Harley was a sponsor because the company found that demographics (and some psychographics) for Harley buyers were actually quite similar to those of ballet patrons. Are you be surprised? Why or why not?

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The solution discusses strategic marketing regarding graduate level.

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Strategic Marketing

Answer 1
Harley-Davidson has targeted younger market to offer the wide range of its product and services for achieving the strategic objectives. This strategy targeted the customers from children's tricycles and clothing accessories to higher-ended luxury motorcycles. In this targeting strategy, all age groups are included to sell its affordable and luxury bikes (Thompson, 2012). There are some marketing objectives adopted by Harley-Davidson to target the younger market that are market expansion, product diversification and marketing mix etc. Harley-Davidson requires expanding its current market by increasing potential consumer base by including enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts males of 35-44 age groups (Gantriis, Mitchel, Gingerelli & Field, 2011). Other marketing objective is to diversify the market that needs to apply new product line in the market such as first time buyers of bikes. Marketing objective for Harley-Davidson needed to set suitable marketing mix that can be attained by attracting younger customer base. These objectives will be helpful to improve the effectiveness of Harley-Davidson (Thompson, 2012).
The positioning strategy of Harley-Davidson is quite effective that can be defined through its mission. It is because the pride of having Harley-Davidson is considered as the pride of having American Icon that is helpful to create brand image. Its mission explains that it fulfills the demands of motorcyclists by gaining experience of motorcycles. It also expands product line by enlarging line of motorcycles and branded products and services to attract general people in the selected market segments (Harley-Davidson, 2012). Harley-Davidson' positioning strategy includes the strengths such as maintaining strong relationship, powerful financial position, high quality of technology and design that helps to create brand image of their product and to differentiate from its competitors. Harley-Davidson is promoting newer models for targeted younger riders through online advertisements and television advertisements, TV spots and internet videos etc.
Answer 2
Harley-Davidson can change its targeting and positioning strategies that will be helpful to reach to women as well as to improve sale of the organization. The ...

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