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Harley Davidson's Strategic Direction and Recommendations

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i) Discuss to what degree you believe Harley Davidson is currently proceeding towards its mission, vision, and values.

ii) Identify two or three of HD's most important stakeholders and discuss whether Harley Davidson's current strategic direction is aligned with the needs of the corporation's stakeholders? Please explain your reasoning.

iii) Based on your analysis and findings, what would you recommend to the executives of Harley Davidson? Why? Please explain your reasoning.

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I think Harley Davidson is proceeding quite effectively towards its mission, vision and values. The company's product offerings, marketing strategies and customer service truly reflect the focus of the company in providing unique experience and value to its customers. The company's current strategy focuses on building strong, deep connections with the customer. Hence, I would say that HD is doing very well in proceeding towards its mission, vision and values.

The most important stakeholder for HD is definitely customers. The company makes lot of efforts to ...

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