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HR Strategy

This posting answers these questions:

What are the best ways to communicate a strategy to internal and external publics? Why?

How does organizational development assist with strategic systems change?

Who should create the mission or value statement of the organization? Why?

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Q1. How can an organization's HR department assist in the implementation of company strategy?

HR is able to assist in a myriad of ways. For example, since HR embodies the belief that people are the most valuable resources, they can use this premise as a source of competitive advantage. In order to implement effective company strategy, HR must emphasize to employees how each individual's job contributes the organization's overall success. Since HR is understands an organization's business in its entirety, they are pivotal agents of change.

Strategy implementation is a human issue. HR must ensure that all employees understand all strategic goals. HR must also ensure that they clearly define all strategies. Clear communication is essential. Additional strategies occur at http://www.buffalo.edu/reporter/vol32/vol32n33/n10.html.

Q2. What are the best ways to communicate a strategy to internal and external publics? Why?

Although the best ways vary depending upon the particular organization, common modes include: interviews, press releases or press conferences, video news releases, paid advertising, posters, speeches, demonstrations, open houses, tours, information booths, faxes, letters, etc.

As we examine internal communication, face-to-face information seems preferable. When we examine external, management must employ "more broad--based strategic planning. Excellent organizations develop programs to communicate with publics, both external and internal, that provide the greatest threats to, and opportunities for, the organization"(http://lore.fhda.edu/burruss/Jour2%20Chapter%20Highlights/13_publicrelations.htm).

Other types involve: small group meetings, annual reports to ...

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