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    HRM Assessment: Corporate Culture and Strategic Approach

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    1. HR programs and policies can influence or change an organization's culture. Do you agree with this? Does an organization's culture need to grow/evolve naturally or can it be "shaped" or "manipulated"? To what extent does an organization's culture determine its strategy? To what extent does an organization's strategy determine its culture?

    2. In situations in which it is appropriate for an organization to use a strategic approach, what are the main barriers that can prevent an organization from taking a more strategic approach to HR? Why do they exist, and how can they be overcome?

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    1. I think the HR programs can influence an organization and therefore its culture. An HR that works to create diversity and learning environments would be in a position to change the culture to one of acceptance. Cultures that are too rigid and too hierarchical can be adjusted through HR to be more open by providing methods of evaluation and feedback that target employee concerns as much as management concerns. The culture of an organization can move a company from product to ...

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    The corporate culture and strategic approach is examined